Instructions for executing your Will

There are certain formal procedures that you have to follow to make your Will(s) legally valid.  If your Will(s) are invalid then your estate may not pass as you intend.

The execution of each Will involves three people:-

  • The person signing
  • Two witnesses

The person signing must be present throughout the process

A WITNESS must be:-

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Someone who is NOT an EXECUTOR or BENEFICIARY of your Will(s)
  • Unrelated to you or to anyone mentioned in your Will(s) either by blood or marriage

Preferably your witnesses should be your age or younger to make it more likely that they will be alive at your death in case they are required to give evidence about the signing of your Will(s).  Your witnesses may be related to each other.

Before signing your Will(s) you should read them through carefully but it is not necessary for your witnesses to read your Will(s) although they should be made aware that it is your Will(s) they are witnessing.


In the presence of your two witnesses and in the spaces provided would you please:-

  1. Date the document, for example: “the 6th day of June 1997”
  2. Sign your name using your “usual” signature on the last page where provided whilst your witnesses watch.
  3. In your presence ask your two witnesses to add their “usual” signatures on the last page where provided asking them to print their names, addresses and occupations clearly for identification purposes.
  4. Also date the top of the back cover using the same pen.

If any amendments are necessary it is better to return the document to us for alteration.  If for any reason this is impractical, then the amendment should be made before you sign and the amendment should be initialed by you and both your witnesses.  No alterations should be made after the Will(s) is signed.